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Koldcare Koolaburn Sterile Burn Face Mask 14" X 18"

Burn Care

First aid always needs to be administered as soon as possible. When someone gets burned, the untreated wound left unattended can become worse. Quick burn treatment is especially important. We offer effective burn supplies in both regular and kit-optimized packaging so you can administer the best burn care right away. 

Koldcare Koolaburn Sterile Burn Face Mask 14" X 18"


Koldcare Koolaburn Sterile Burn Face Mask 14" X 18"



Koolaburn Sterile Burn Dressings cool by evaporation. The soft gel, comprised of 96% water in a base fabric of polished non-woven polyester, draws heat away from the burn. This provides a cooling effect which lasts for up to eight hours. Unlike instant cold packs, Koolaburn Sterile Burn Dressings conform to body areas for unbroken contact and improved cooling. Since there is no need for refrigeration, Koolaburn Sterile Burn Dressings are ready to use instantly. They are nontoxic and nonirritating and because they are sterile, there is no risk of contamination or infection. Koolaburn Sterile Burn Dressings help prevent further spread of the burn while helping to relieve pain.


  • Sterile - No risk of contamination or infection
  • Not wet or messy
  • Cools by evaporation - Gel is 96% water to draw heat away from the burn
  • Dressings are nonabsorbent and gel is insoluble in body fluids
  • High density of dressings prevents unnecessary exposure of injury to the elements
  • Nontoxic and nonirritant
  • Conforms to body areas to prevent broken contact and to improve cooling action


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