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LSP Sterile Burn Towels 15" X 20"

Burn Care

First aid always needs to be administered as soon as possible. When someone gets burned, the untreated wound left unattended can become worse. Quick burn treatment is especially important. We offer effective burn supplies in both regular and kit-optimized packaging so you can administer the best burn care right away. 

LSP Sterile Burn Towels 15" X 20"


LSP Sterile Burn Towels 15" X 20"




  • LSP Burn Towel is composed of a tri-laminate material which is designed to provide the patient with many benefits.
  • Towels may be used wet or dry to meet local burn treatment protocols
  • Non-adhering material will not stick to a burn, abrasion or trauma wound
  • Non-wicking property will not absorb vital body fluids from the burn or trauma wound
  • Unique design of the towel prevents fibers from shredding or infiltrating the wound site when used wet or dry
  • Foam core center of each towel will hold 12 times its weight in water, thereby effectively cooling the burn for an extended period of time
  • Variety of sizes available considerably reduce cost as they eliminate having to use a large towel to treat a small burn
  • Towel is sterile and individually packaged for a 5-year shelf life
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