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Basic ANSI First Aid Kit, Class A, Refill

First Aid Kit Components

Whether replenishing depleted supplies or building a first aid kit from scratch, you'll find your kit-optimized components right here. 

Our unitized kit component boxes are designed with convenience in mind. Its dimensions are optimized to fit efficiently in our kit cases and cabinets. They are color coded according to ANSI standards and are clearly marked for easy identification. We also offer both complete & specialized refill packs for many of our premade kits.

Basic ANSI First Aid Kit, Class A, Refill


Basic ANSI First Aid Kit, Class A, Refill



Whether at home, at work or in the factory, it's important to be prepared to treat minor injuries. But even if you have a kit, it may no longer cover incidents that are now more prevalent than they had been. The International Safety Equipment Association just released its 2015 minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits and supplies. The assortment and quantity of supplies included in a first aid kit were chosen based upon a review of increased workplace incidents requiring first aid treatment, similar international standards and current practices in treating injuries.

2 - Abdominal Wound Combine Pad, Sterile, 5" x 9"
1 - Adhesive Bandages, Sheer Plastic, 1" x 3", In Unit Box, 16’s
2 - Adhesive Strips for Eye Pads, 3/8 X 5, 2’S
1 - Benzalkonium (BZK) Antiseptic Wipes, In Kit Unit Box, 10's
1 - Burnshield Burn Dressing Pad, 4" x 4"
10 - Burnshield Burn Gel, 3.5mL 1/8oz Packets
1 - CPR Mask / Protector
4 - EverGuard Exam Gloves, Vinyl, Large
2 - Eye Pads, Sterile, 1-5/8" x 2-5/8"
1 - Eye Wash Irrigate, 1 oz Bottle
1 - First Aid Chart, 5" x 13"
1 - Gauze Bandage Roll, Stretch, Non-Sterile, 2" x 5 yards
2 - Gauze Pads, Sterile, 3" x 3", 12 ply
6 - Hand Sanitizer Packet, 0.9gm
1 - Instant Cold Pack, Disposable, 7" x 4", In Unit Box
1 - Red Handled Scissors, 3.5"
1 - Trianglular Bandage, Non-Sterile, 40" x 40" x 51"/56"
1 - Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets, 0.9g, In Unit Box
1 - Waterproof Medical Tape, 1" X 2-1/2 yards, In Kit Unit Box, 2's

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