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300 Liberty Avenue
East New York, NY, 11207
United States

(800) 347-3494

Triangular Bandages, Non-Woven, 40"

Gauze, Bandages & Tape

What would a first aid kit be without adhesive bandages? Yet we offer many first aid disposables from basic bandages to medical tape to hemostatic gauze.
We manufacture medical equipment & wound care disposables, so you get quality supplies for less. We also have great flexibility to work with you on bulk & frequent orders. Many of our wound care products are available in both standard & kit-optimized packaging.

Triangular Bandages, Non-Woven, 40"


Triangular Bandages, Non-Woven, 40"




  • 40" x 40" x 56"
  •  2 safety pins
  • Nonwoven
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