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AirSim Advance Traci Airway Tracheostomy Airway Manikin

Training & Education

AirSim Advance Traci Airway Tracheostomy Airway Manikin


AirSim Advance Traci Airway Tracheostomy Airway Manikin




The AirSim Advance Traci combines the uniquely constructed AirSim airway with the enhanced addition of tracheal rings and laryngeal cartilages. This combination of features delivers a high quality solution for realistic Percutaneous Tracheostomy training.

A wraparound replaceable neck skin which facilitates up to 20 incisions thus improving efficiency.

Realistic features which include; palpable tracheal rings to provide positive user feedback and easy identification of the sternal notch.

The "AirSim" airway providing realistic feedback during airway management procedures.

"Real feel" skin covering for added realism.

A nasal passage which has been developed in a manner similar to the AirSim airway. Providing an anatomically correct nasal cavity, important landmarks such as the turbinates are clearly defined.

An inflatable tongue with real-life size and texture.


  • 1 Black carrier case
  • 1 Shipping brochure
  • 1 CD user manual
  • 1 Bottle of lubrication
  • 3 Blue adult lung bags
  • 1 roll of airway sealing tape
  • 1 traci larynx cover (as supplied on manikin)
  • 1 wrap around neck skin (as supplied on manikin)
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