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AirSim Bronchi Airway Manikin

Training & Education

AirSim Bronchi Airway Manikin


AirSim Bronchi Airway Manikin




The AirSim Bronchi provides internal anatomically correct features down to the fourth generation bronchi.

The model provides exceptional detail in both internal and external features; the carina, the bronchus and bronchials can be clearly identified through the use of a fibre optic laryngoscope.

An anatomically correct internal Bronchi down to the 4th generation.

The uniquely constructed AirSim airway, designed to provide true, anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features.

A nasal passage which has been developed in a manner similar to the main airway. Providing an anatomically correct nasal cavity, important landmarks such as the turbinates are clearly defined.

An inflatable tongue with real-life size and texture.

These features allow AirSim Bronchi to be used for training and practice in nasotracheal intubation and nasally directed fibreoptic examination.


  • 1 Black carrier case
  • 1 Shipping brochure
  • 1 CD user manual
  • 1 Bottle of lubrication
  • 1 Blue adult lung bag
  • 2 Blue baby lung bags
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