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Introducing Beaty - A Revolutionary CPR Feedback Device

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Introducing Beaty - A Revolutionary CPR Feedback Device

Sam Curcio


Ever Ready First Aid will soon begin stocking Beaty, a revolutionary CPR feedback device designed to assist rescuers when performing CPR. Beaty provides those performing CPR with valuable audio feedback, ensuring that chest compression are performed at the proper depth of 5cm.


Within approximately 4 minutes of cardiac arrest, the damage sustained by the brain becomes irreversible. Effective bystander CPR can triple the chances of survival during cardiac arrest, but 70% of people have stated that they feel helpless during a cardiac emergency. Beaty was created to increase the effectiveness of CPR by giving the guidance and confidence a bystander will need during a cardiac emergency.

Beaty is designed to be simple, and easy to use by anyone. Simply place the device on the victims chest and perform chest compression. When the proper chest compression depth of 5cm is reached, Beaty will alert the rescuer with a loud beep. The audio feedback allows the rescuer to know that their chest compressions are being performed properly.

Beaty is expected to arrive in November / December for sales and distribution. Please contact us via email at or call (800) 347-3494 for inquires regarding pricing or further details.